Welcome to Found Down. My name is Jessica Blackbourn. I am a Registered Nurse with a specialty certificate in Emergency Nursing. I work at a big city teaching hospital in Canada.

After my formal nursing education ended I began want to know more and improve my own knowledge which I did by way of reading everything I could find on resuscitation in the ER. I couldn’t find any nursing based sites that offered what the FOAM community did so I started to read all the ER sites. This site originally started as a Facebook group where I posted anything I had read that I thought my colleagues might like, as it turns out that did well and my fellow ER staff found it pretty helpful so I wanted to make my site more accessible to anyone like me.

My goal and the purpose of this site is to guide other ER staff to education in posts, articles and practice tips that I have found to have a positive impact on my practice, especially around resuscitation. To further these goals I teach a variety of courses as well.

Recently I have been accused of “underground educating” because of my involvement in a variety of projects which all share the goal of improving patient outcomes by improving the knowledge of the bedside staff. I love all aspects of Emergency care but have a passion for education, resuscitation, toxicology and ECMO.

I am currently the Project Manager for the EPICC Pediatrics Course and will continue to teach anyone who wants to learn. http://www.epicclearning.ca

Please comment or email me if you have ideas for a post or feedback.